On Site exhibition at Washington State Convention Center, Spring 2018

Painted reflection of landscape with tents

Freemont Campsite, 2018
acrylic on canvas
36 by 48 inches

The building that reflects the inspiration for this painting is surrounded by people living in parked recreational vehicles and tents. But my attention was on the built environment when this reflection struck me. When I finished photographing the building it was twilight. I looked around at the ad-hoc dwellings and I felt a little of the turmoil darkness brings to uncertain living arrangements.

The layout of these window panes suggests a graphic novel. Since the reflection determined the overall composition, I could work on one pane at a time. As I painted, the frames unfolded like a story. The uneasy feelings of that gloaming kept asserting themselves.

I didn’t set out to paint a polemic. This tale was told visually not verbally. My artistic theory is that rigid architectual plans give rise to fluid shapes when they are realised. These ambigous shapes serve to represent my feeling of the place.

Also showing at WSCC

These artworks are part of a show titled On Site in collaboration with the artist group Geometica .

Active Voice(detail), 2013
acrylic on wood and canvas
two of ten panels, each 24 by 18 inches

Binary Place(detail), 2016
acrylic on wood and polyurethane foam
overall 48 by 60 inches

On Site exhibition at Washington State Convention Center

April 12 - June 26, 2018
7am - 10pm Seven days a week
WSCC 2nd Floor, 705 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington