Le Flâneur de Belle Vue

I’ve been sketching and photographing glass buildings in Bellevue just trying to keep up with the new construction in the last year. In August two windows in Bellevue's Meydenbauer Center became a possibility so I decided to depict all my favorite reflections in one space.

In my studio I developed the installation for 7 weeks. I carved about 50 shapes from polyurethane wall insulation and stacked them in 37 individual frames in 5 towers (The whole installation fills a space 9' high by 14' wide). Even though the reflections are from different lighting conditions all over town, I painted them with a consistent pallette.

Presented by Storefronts Bellevue, a program of Shunpike

Installation in Meydenbauer Center
Le Flâneur de Belle Vue 2014 installed
mixed media9' x 14'
5 towers assembled in art studio
Le Flâneur in progress
mixed media

To keep track of all the parts while I was building the piece I named the modules. I used translations of the French words "Belle" and "Vue".

Hold the pointer over a shape below to see its name. Click the bottom row to enlarge source images.