Reflections detail: characters, scuplture animals and cryptic text
I depict reflections in skyscraper windows because they give a fresh view of familiar scenes. Reflected shapes evoke more than architecture. To me they become characters, sculpture, animals, and bits of language I can’t quite read. These associations reproduce the sensory stimulation of being in a city.

My projects start with expeditions for sketching and photography. I plan for times with bright light when the sun is low. I usually will have a few buildings in mind that have attracted my eye, but changing angles and lighting always reveal some unexpected treasure. I try to remain present with my visual surroundings which is a challenge in such a noisy environment.

After I’ve had a chance to digest my urban experience, I’ll select images as starting points for paintings. The images I choose determine the technique I use to make the art piece. Sometimes the grid of window panes will suggest a modular approach. I'll approach each composition as a separate rectangle. When working with multiple parts, I develop a naming system often basing it on the subject's location or the type of activity happening there.

By giving them individual titles, each window pane’s point of view gets equal weight. They tell their stories simultaneously. The compositions interact to weave the story of urban life.

Counter Arouse

Counter Beckon

Feedback Call

Details from Call & Response in Spokane Reflections