Urban reflections

By Site Maintainer | May 13, 2024

I like how solid skyscrapers turn into swirly shapes almost without structure. The way simple shapes combine into a complex composition follows the flow of life in a city.

Further Reflections

By Site Maintainer | May 13, 2024

I wanted to see what it would be like inside the world of reflections so I made bigger paintings to create an immersive experience. Working bigger pushed me to be more exact about my creative process.

Deeper Reflections

By Site Maintainer | May 13, 2024

Reflections Change shape as you move by them. I made sculptural forms to mimic this effect.

Destiny Reflected Installation

By Site Maintainer | May 13, 2024

These three art pieces comprise a portrait of Tacoma, the City of Destiny Time (Marching) is a reflection of the City Hall clock tower.Alternative (Learning) reflects the Pantages theater which is down Broadway to the left as you face the installation.Sight (Collecting) is a reflection in the front window of Tacoma Art Museum.

Spokane Reflections

By Site Maintainer | May 13, 2024

From June 2008 – July 2010 I created a portrait of Spokane as seen through the lens of reflections in its windows. I installed seven major works and five smaller pieces in Spokane’s Chase Gallery. This city-within-a-city installation offered an opportunity to contemplate an urban aesthetic in a region where the focus is usually rural.

One nice thing about sites built by RealBasics.com

By Site Maintainer | August 8, 2023

This site was built for me by RealBasics.com.  Their motto is “Let’s make it your website!”  Which means that I can change anything I want about it.  Possibly starting with deleting this sample blog post!